About Our Art

"Traditional Teachings that Last a Lifetime"

Rarely do you encounter an art form as diversified as Ninpo Tai-Jutsu.  The Tai-Jutsu taught at Wash Park Martial Arts (Kusa Dojo) in Denver, incorporates the dominant warrior schools of the Samurai and the Ninja into an elite combat Martial Art, offering one of the most expansive self-defense platforms available anywhere.  Developed from the root teachings of renowned Japanese masters, our program, Ten-Chi-Wa Ninpo Tai-Jutsu, has been crafted by LA based Sensei Chadwick Minge into a blend of the “old” traditional Japanese teachings and open-ended modern self-defense patterns designed to reinforce spontaneous, practical combat skills for an ever challenging world.

Imagine studying Karate, Judo, Ju-Jutsu, pressure points, grappling and weaponry, with a combat/ battlefield flair, to high levels of competency, and you have just described the adventure waiting for you at our school.  As a student of Wash Park Martial Arts, you will enjoy many of the classic Japanese training patterns along with numerous Waza (practice techniques) designed to expand the students base of martial arts principles.  The Ten-Chi-Wa Ninpo Tai-Jutsu system stresses application of your basics.  Our students are cultivated through Waza and Randori (random attacks), taking the principles of the original Japanese Patterns and applying them to numerous combat and self-defense situations.  Our results are students who move from center, balanced, and poised in a variety of hostile settings.

Men, women, and children will find that a variety of classes are offered several days of the week, both daytime and evening to accommodate most people’s busy schedules.  Private lessons and special needs classes are easily arranged. Adults and children are not mixed together for martial training in our school.  Whether you are looking for Ninjutsu, Karate, Self Defense, or just a place to learn some martial arts in Denver…this is YOUR place to train. Please check our class schedule, or contact us for the most up to date offerings.  Join us today and start training in the original Mixed Martial Art…Tai-jutsu!