Ninjutsu Instructors

Keeping the Spirit of the Defensive Heart

Marc Hanson - 4th Level Certified Instructor (Shinan Menkyo)

The founder and owner of Wash Park Martial Arts.  Sensei Marc was awarded Shinan Menkyo (4th Level Instructor Certification) by Kancho Chadwick Minge in January 2011. Because Kancho Minge has refused to compromise quality or cut corners in his traditional training style, few achieve this rank in the Ten-Chi-Wa Ninpo Taijutsu Program. Sensei Marc also holds multiple Dan rankings in Genbukan Ninpo Taijutsu as well a Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei.

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Jason Wigham - 3rd Level Certified Instructor (Okuden Menkyo)

Jason received his Okuden Menkyo (3rd Level Instructor) in the Ten Chi Wa Ninpo Tai-Jutsu system in May 2016. He is one of a handful of certified instructors worldwide to reach this level. Jason has been studying Ninpo since 1994. He currently runs the junior program and teaches regular adult classes throughout the week. Jason is a certified instructor and available for private lessons. He plans on having his own school in the coming years.

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Vanessa Spindle - 1st Level Certified Instructor (Shoden Menkyo)

Vanessa has been studying Taijutsu for over 12 years.  She received her Shoden Menkyo in May 2016.  She has been teaching and assisting with classes for several years and also runs our Women’s Self Defense program.  Vanessa is available for private lessons at a variety of times throughout the week. 

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